Here are some pictures of the MAI Basic Four 210 that i got beginning of 2014 from Folkert. I picked up the machine in the Netherlands. The machine came with a tape drive (qic 1/4", with the capstan roller transformed to liquid) a terminal and documentation. It was equipped with a 14" Priam disk drive.
I have removed the disk and tried to power up the machine but nothing happened. The main switching power supply gets AC via a relay that is activated via a separate transformer, regulator, some TTLs and a relay. After trying to shorten the relay to provide ac to the switching power supply, the machine can be powered on and off normally, dont know why.
Have not yet tried to power on the hard drive, first i want to check if the cpu works in general. Therefore i need the missing documentations for the CPU:

would appreciate if someone could provide these manuals or could point me to a source of these documents. Drop me a note if you have any information available. Thanks

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