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MAI Basic Four S10

The basic four S10 (Model 4005 and 4105) was availble about 1982 or 1983.
Picture S10 First, the system, initally developed by Direct Inc was available with 2 80 track DS/DD 5 1/4 incl floppy drives. Later there was a harddisk (for BB/M only) available as well.

I'm still searching for the service manual for the S/10 to be able to repair my one. It seems to have problems with the floppy controller interrupt (and with the original floppy drives). Using 3 1/2" drives i was able to boot from the BB/M disk until the point the software for the terminal was loaded. At this point i was also able to load CP/M but got a disk fault error message from the CP/M bios. (see pictures.

Here are some pictures as well as some disassembly of my (not yet working) s/10
pictures of my S/10
commented disassembly of the floppy load rom, as well as for the BB/M and CP/M loader from disks;

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